Jerusalem light rail

The light rail in Jerusalem is a public transportation system for mass transportation in Jerusalem by light rail. This is the first light rail project in Israel, which is part of an overall transportation plan in Jerusalem. Over the past few years, Top Secure has been planning and carrying out many projects in the field of communication for the light rail and was even chosen to carry out a first pilot of its kind that included the design and execution of a closed-circuit camera system for the light rail cars. Full for the computer the train itself

Beit Barel College

Beit Berel is an educational and ideological center named after Berel Katznelson and belongs to the Open University, and is located in Sharon. To establish the college's security and guarding system, copper infrastructure layout planning, closed-circuit television systems installation, installation and execution of a security camera system including over two hundred IP cameras deployed throughout the college's areas, from the parking lots to the corridors, classrooms and all types of buildings in the college, were carried out. And along the way, from then until today, ongoing support and maintenance for the various systems to ensure the security of the college and Baya.

National Park - Masada

To establish the security system for the Masada site, complex and precise in-depth planning was necessary, going down to the minor details to ensure maximum protection and protection of the important historical site. After the construction of the security and protection strategy, we moved on to the establishment and implementation of the low voltage systems on site, such as closed circuit television systems, an effective announcement system, the installation of communication infrastructures, and the establishment of the active communication, a telephone switchboard, access controls, a burglary detection, and warning system, and more, all under highly tight schedules and performing routine maintenance and management of all systems on site.

Thermo-solar power plant - Ashlim

The complex in Ashlim is built of four power plants that integrate electricity production processes using thermo-solar and photovoltaic energy which span an area of ​​thousands of dunams. Top Secure was a partner from the first day of the construction of the power plants somewhere in 2013. Together, over the years, we have built an uncompromising security system that includes, among other things, the implementation of thousands of communication points, the deployment of copper and optical infrastructures, the construction of communication cabinets and the construction of a server room, the installation of public address systems integrated with the rear command, spinning optical fibers for emergency alerts, the implementation of wind measurement systems in the vast area, the installation Cloud mapping cameras, installation of WIFI and RF antennas, all using the highest quality professional equipment, and maintaining security procedures

Burger King

The famous "Burger King" hamburger chain that was born somewhere in Miami, Florida and landed in our country for the second time in 2016, the chain currently has about 12 branches nationwide. We accompany the chain from the day it arrived in Israel in 2016 until today, since then and along the way we carry out regular maintenance for the sites of all the chain's branches in Israel and regularly deal with the areas of closed circuit television communication systems, installation of audio and video systems for various needs of the branches, implementation of communication systems, installation of alarm systems , announcement and entrance controls and everything customized to the needs of the network and with ongoing control of the security systems of the various branches throughout the country.


Habima, The National Theater of Israel, located in Tel Aviv, operates every day of the week and presents a wide variety of plays, musicals, conferences, and productions from all over the world. As part of the establishment of the National Theater's security and protection system, we planned the construction and installation of a closed-circuit security camera system which Including many dozens of cameras adapted to the needs of the building and the activities that take place in it, the deployment of communication infrastructures and the installation of active communication equipment throughout the building, and to this day, control management and maintenance of these systems are carried out on an ongoing basis.
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