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Security Cameras

Today more than ever, every business owner, small or large, large or giant,
Must equip his business with advanced security cameras that will assist him in controlling business security and creating deterrence in the face of threats.
We offer a variety of security cameras with innovative technologies
and provide characterization, installation, and integration of analog and digital TMS systems in combination with advanced and personalized analytics up to the establishment of a control room and control through video walls,
And all while providing professional service and close accompaniment in planning, choosing, and installing the security camera system that best suits your business needs.

Communications infrastructure

Installing a communication infrastructure adapted to the needs of your business is essential for daily professional work and the success of any business.
We provide planning, installation, and implementation of communication infrastructures for projects of any size and as needed.

Alarm systems for detection and intrusion

The existence of an intelligent and accurate alert system,
It is a critical arm in any area or facility’s security and defense system.
We at Top Secure offer a variety of warning, alarm, and protection systems from the leading brands in the field to detect, warn and prevent break-ins, thefts, and other dangers.
Without false alerts and malfunctions, while providing reliable and uncompromising professional service.

Intercom and announcement systems

Every sophisticated and precise security system must include an excellent announcement and intercom system.
We offer a wide range of solutions for advanced intercom and announcement systems for different needs.
for closed buildings or open areas, To manage emergencies and crises or to ring an exit for a break and regular updates.
Through intercom systems with multiple extensions, internal communication systems, integrated systems with a video camera, and a wide variety of others, we know how to provide the announcement and intercom system that will suit your unique business needs.

Wireless communication and radio

Using advanced and innovative technology, wireless communication and security systems operate by transmitting data from radio waves.
We at Top Security plan, adapt, and install independent or cloud-managed access points to provide wireless communication to areas of any scale and without compromise.
And connect between remote points using radio transmitters to create maximum stability and speed.

Audio video

A variety of audio and video systems for different needs of clients and projects of all types and sizes.
Provide amplification systems, video walls, smart meeting rooms, command and control, And all through professional equipment of the leading brands in the market.
When the emphasis throughout is on adapting the system to the unique needs of each customer, And close professional accompaniment from adapting the equipment to the needs of the business or project and through the installation, control, and success of your business.

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